Stay 'n Train | Private Lessons

Personalized Training Options

Want the instructor all to yourself?  You got it!  One on One sessions are just for you! These training sessions are perfect for problem behaviors, busy schedules and personalized training programs. $69 for a single session (50 minutes) or $209 for a package of 4. All training sessions take place in our facility.  Families are welcome. Contact us to schedule times and dates.


Let us lay the ground work for you with this professional program. Not only will your pup get the whole SDK experience, but they will receive personalized training by experienced trainers throughout the day.  We have both male and female trainers and team members so your dog will be handled and instructed by a variety of people. 

Stay 'n' Train is a four week minimum program that includes training, daycare, boarding, treats and tons of fun! Please contact us to see if your dog is a good candidate for this program and for availablity. Space is limited and we accept enrollments for future dates.

Personalized Training Options